The company « du long et du lé » (« from length to width », in old french) is founded in 1992 by Claire and Etienne Roland, cultural heirs of a founding grand-father, in 1872, of « maison de blanc », in the beautiful city of Ghent.


« du long et du lé » is a familial craftsmen enterprise, specialized in the creation, edition and crafting of seats : armchairs, sofas, benches…


We also produce customized, made-to-measure furnitures projects for architectural consultancy firms, interior designers and hotel businesses.






Set in a small village of Hesbaye, we make a point of producing locally.


The tradition, the passion, the skills of our associates : framemakers and stuffers is this way passed on from generation to generation.


The beechwood used for the frames is cut from the belgian Ardennes forest region.
The linen cultivated in the area is woven in Flanders.





When you love nice cloths, ancient vintage kilim rugs and if you love living at your home, how can you resist to the atmosphere of the second empire, the feel of the parties where everything glows and blends : drapes, velvet and the rich colors of the Napoléon III era seats.


The XIXth century style is comfortable, cheerful, frivolous, a mixture of charm and fantasy.
That idea, that began twenty years ago, brings us to re-interpret this past, and allows us year after year to design new models that are today at the core of our catalog.


Thanks to our associates, to our clients who taught us everything and who still pushes us towards new challenges.







The whole production is crafted within our workshops, situated in the village of Noville-les-bois



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